Murder at the Hop

By Phoenix Tears Productions (other events)

Saturday, August 26 2017 8:00 PM 9:30 PM


Phoenix Tears Productions presents, Murder at the Hop, a muder mystery set at a sock-hop in 1958. We will be bringing to life the death day of our featured ghost, Miss Donna Jean Parker at her high school's annual back-to-school dance. Come cast your votes for the school's Autumn Queen and party it up sock-hop-style as the events of the evening of Donna Jean's death unfold before your eyes. Was it a jealous boyfriend who suspects she's cheating, the rejected and humiliated classmate, another friend in the running for the Autumn Queen crown? The clues will be there for you to find and decide for yourself who you think murdered Donna Jean.

Upon arrival, attendees will be able to cast their vote for the Autumn Queen to be crowned later in the evening and then will have a chance to mingle with our ghosts before they are given characters to portray.The amount of interaction is up to each individual. You will not be given a character to play--you will be treated as a party guest and are free to interact with our ghosts or just sit back and watch the evening play out. Whatever you choose, you will still have a good fighting chance at discovering the true killer.

Please be sure to bring Photo ID with you as the security at the Roth Family JCC requires it to enter the building.

This is a Death Day Players Mystery. The Death Day Players are a troupe of ghosts who come together to re-enact the events leading up to the death of the Featured Ghost of the evening. Expect an evening of fun and a bit of magic as you see the events of the evening unfold and then get a chance to interview our ghost characters to try and figure out who-dunnit. Once you think you've figured it out, you will get to cast your vote. The evening culminates in our host drawing a name from the real killer's jar and that person will win a prize.